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Raid controller, Win7, or hard drive issue?


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I have a Vantec UGT-ST310R raid controller in my HTPC. Suddenly, I cant access my Raid 0 "D:" drive. I installed Vantec's utility and when I run it, both drives in the RAID show up, but channel 0 is "striped and channel 1 is "orphaned". What does that mean? When I start up the computer, both drives are recognized by the RAID system, but I can not access the "D:" drive when windows opens.


When I plug the HDD in, it does spin up, and is still quiet, but thats as far as I have gone with troubleshooting.


Can I take the RAID controller and drives and plug into another computer, or is the RAID specific to the machine that created it?


This is the point when I remember saying "I really don't need to backup this drive, its only my videos and I can just rip them all again..." That was 2tb ago.

2012-09-08 22.15.25.jpg

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I'm afraid you're toast.

  1. Check with Vantec and see what they recommend for orphaned drives;
  2. If there's no real advice on the Vantec website, you could try adding the orphaned drive back to the array.
  3. If it proves impossible to add the drive back, you could try to delete the RAID array and re-create it. Whether or not this works depends on the controller. If the Vantec is like some controllers, it will ask if you want to format the array or preserve the existing data. If you choose to preserve the existing data you may get everything back, or at least most of it.

I really can't think of any other options at this point.


To your question, yes, you should be able to move the drives and controller to another system, but I seriously doubt it will help

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No help from Vantec. I also tried to create a new RAID setup with the drives, but no luck. All is lost on the drives.


All the recorded TV is gone, but it's amazing, all the shows my 5-year old watches are repeated 10 times a week. Its actually refreshing to start over with my TV recordings.


And best of all, I had forgotten that I was "storing a backup" of all my ripped moviesoin my friends computer.


The worst part is getting all the movies organized back into My Movies!


Backup your RAID drives!

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