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DE or RAID for 24-48 TB?

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I'm sorry I have been so long in replying to this...But yes I can imagine the setup you mention. Currently I have a single 3TB drive the rest are all 2TB drives so that already really diminishes my data capacity. I am still really struggling to see your point. I'm in the UK.. a 3TB drive is currently still £100+ Buy a minimum of 5 and an 8 port card and a spare card in case the first card ever fails. Really?? I paid $15 for Drivepool and $25 for flexraid.. Both running in harmony. Both totally non destructive systems. By that I mean IF a drive dies and Flexraid fails me all at the very same instance, then I will need to download a few movies again. The other drives are still fully readable. But Then again I guess its all subjective. I did see a post on here somewhere stating that a movie collection isn't critical data (in their eyes.) I tend to agree. Personally what is critical, are pictures and documents. Nothing that duplicated backup to SkyDrive and google docs cant handle! Maybe its down to different pricing on this side of the pond or maybe we just have massively different budgets. You suggest what will cost me near on £1000+ pound system(here in the UK) that hasn't failed you. Im always gonna go for a $40 system ( £25) that hasn't failed me. Each to their own budget I guess!! lol. That's not with standing the comment someone made that I "don't need to have that many movies, because I "PROBABLY" wont watch them again." I can just envisage bin fulls of Retail DVD's and Blu-Rays out on the street for collection with that logic lol.

Hello, I'm really interested by this kind of software to merge all my drive into 1, to share it easily on the network.

But I still want to "secure" it a little with parity drive(s)


First of all:

How did you pay this prices for this softwares ?

Because stablebit DrivePool price is $19.95 and FlexRaid price is $29.95 only for pooling and $59.95 for pooling+protection, on their respective website.


I don't know which one to choose, I have tried stablebit drivepool with Snapraid, really nice and easy to use.


I currently trying Drive Bender but it seems to be incompatible with Snapraid, because this one need drives letters for each HDD to be able to create parity drive, and DB hide pooled drives to windows, at the end you only have the DB pooled drive. And it is not really user-friendly...


I planned to try FlexRaid later but it is a little bit too expensive :unsure:

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