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Where is your Home Server?


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I figured most people using the WHS platform would have them stored away somewhere either secure or out of the way. The security of your home server needs to be taken seriously, especially if you do not have off site backup. With this information, I do not know why My Movies has chosen to use the WHS machine for ripping of your movies and music. This means you would have to get to it to rip anything using MM and if it is out of the way or hidden it is a pain in the a$$. It does not make any sense.

If you agree and your using MM for your movie organization and playing, let them know.

Thanks everyone.

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I keep mine in a ventilated cupboard between the living room and dining room. Though, I find that I have to open the doors a crack on hot days and especially with the A/C off.


I hope I don't get into trouble posting a pic. :)



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