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Hamachi anyone?


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Got this message from Emilio right after recording #66 or I would have mentioned it.

So I just got my EX495 a week ago and have been getting aquainted with it since (noob alert). Had a hard time swaping the main drive because the light on my WHS was white instead of purple as the documentation indicated. Anyhow my question is related to services in my mediasmart, is there any way to install Hamachi (VPN tunneling sofware) as a service on this nifty box?

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I've never used Hamachi myself, but you could do what I do with the Zune and setup the WHS to log in automatically (google: autoadminlogon) and set Hamachi up in the startup folder. Or, if Hamachi has the built-in ability to be setup as a service then that would work even better. Based on the fact that you asked, I'm guessing it doesn't though.

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I typed this up for a listener not to long ago for a podcatching program. It's a rough guide but works to install compatible .exe files as a service.

Download this:
Put it in c:\reskit

At a prompt
c:\reskit\INSTSRV.EXE "The Service Name you want listed in Services" <path>\reskit\SRVANY.EXE
This is just the name, no paths to executables yet.
Run Regedit
Go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\The Service you named above
Right Click it, click add, new key, call it Parameters
Now under parameters right click, add new, string value
Name it:
Value should be:
c:\path to your executable.exe
Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services
Find your Service you named, Start it.

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I've been running LogMeIn free on my homeserver just a as a backup in case livecustom domains goes down or some other network error. It's great, plus they have an iphone client now.

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Same story there John. I just linked to the source at Tranquil.

So Vyper, you use the LogMeIn client as well huh? Which do you like better?

I use DynDNS to alias my IP address to a domain name. In case the live domain is not working.

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I use Live Mesh to do all remote operation instead of the built-in stuff. I prefer it because it doesn't create a new user session, and since I have the server setup to auto-login and start the Zune software, if I log in with a new session, it opens a new version of Zune, plus don't have my other stuff that I leave open.
I use no-ip.com as my dynamic DNS for my other domain names. I don't really use the .homemserver subdomain as much.

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dave, Hamachi supports running as a service natively. Has for a while. Since they switched to commercial/non-commercial licensing.

And the main issue with hamachi, is that you use your home's upload speed for the max download speed you can pull data from. :(

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