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WHS2011 - one client not waking for client backup


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Good find. That's one reason why I like to create a restore point prior to joining clients to the server.


A restore point on the SERVER or the CLIENT?

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Oh well. Spoke too soon. Appears my same client PC didn't wake again last night @ 2:24 AM for its scheduled backup window. Am starting to suspect a connectivity issue between the client and server. Not a lack of network connectivity on the client, but more an issue with the client's connector not establishing connectivity with the WHS2011 in a timely manner (and giving up).


Also, I never had this issue until I virtualized my WHS2011 as a hyper-v VM on my WS2008R2 server box. Perhaps something is delaying the client's ability to locate the WHS2011 VM. I never have an issue doing manual backups of this client to the server; only seems to be challenging during the auto/scheduled backup task.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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As I said over here, since it's a laptop, WOL is irrelevant if you're using WiFi. More likely is that you need to have your laptop plugged into your mains adaptor overnight for the scheduled task to run...

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I've now tracked down the reference to the need for laptops to be plugged in for the backup to occur.


It is in Microsoft's Technical Brief for Client PC Backups. The money quote:



Laptops and other battery-powered computers must be plugged in to AC power to be automatically backed up. Although the home computer on battery power will be awakened, Windows Home Server will recognize it as battery-powered and automatic backup will not initiate.

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