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Streaming Inside The Network


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I have Apple TV's (jailbroken with Flash Black installed - prob not important)...


Previously with my Acer OEM box (WHS v1), I have had no issues getting to the fileshares and getting the ATVs to work...


Now that I have a new home brew machine (WHS 2011), connectivity is rather hit or miss. Sometimes it won't connect like it's timing out and my family freaks out...I tell them to just keep trying and eventually it works.


Any ideas?

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We need a bit more information. What kind of transfer speeds are you getting? Are you using power saving software or add-ins, What exactly do you mean by timing out?

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following on from jmwills, what OS' are the clients running. Oddly enough, you might have more trouble with Win7 than XP. With Win7/2008R2 MS change the IP stack quite a bit and it can cause some network issues. They can be fixed, and it will work even better than XP after they're fixed, but it can be a bit of a PITA til then.


Also, has the configuration of the network changed? When you implemented WHS2011 did you perhaps decide to upgrade a router or switch or change the wiring in any way?

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Sorry guys - should have been more specific...I know better!


Everything is wired.


Windows Home Server 2011 and then I have Apple TVs at every TV (4).


These are all jailbroken to allow me to stream from a local share. Once setup, all you have to do is bring the ATV up and select your share and it should load your folder structure.


This was flawless on the WHS v1 box I had.


Now that I have built out a WHS 2011 box, it times out when selecting the share and this happens form any ATV.


Also I have noticed when remoting into the box that it sometimes takes a long time to get a response...so maybe it is doing that and timing out for the ATVs.


This is a pretty straight forward install of WHS 2011. No adins, nothing special done.

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Control Panel>Network & Sharing>Change Adapter Settings>Right Click the Active Adapter and Go to Properties>Uncheck Internet Protocol 6>Hit Apply

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It sounds like the problem is in the home built WHS 2011 box. Could you be more specific about what you have built? Motherboard, NIC, hard drives, etc.


Do you still have the WHSv1 box? I am curious if it still works without issue yet swapping back to 2011 you get problems.

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