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Upgrading Windows 7 desktop with W8 on SSD


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I have a year-old HP desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium on a 1 TB HDD mirror.

I want to upgrade the OS with the $39 upgrade W8 and the OS drive to a 32GB SSD.

What is the best way to proceed? Can I upgrade and keep my x86 programs and drivers? Can I migrate from big HDD to small SSD? I also have a copy of Acronis I picked up but haven't even installed yet.

I am thinking the easiest might be a fresh install of W8 onto the SSD from a USB ISO. I know I will need my current license key (or burned recovery disc?) of W7 to validate.


Eventually I will put data from my WHSv1 onto a Storage Spaces HDD mirror with shared folders, HomeGroup and SkyDrive.

thanks for any advice!


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32 is a bit small for anything but an HTPC, but if you have less than that on your 1T drive you can clone your system to the SSD, then do the upgrade. Alternatively, you can do a clean install even with an upgrade package. I would recommend you go with the clean install route or get a larger SSD.

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