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RocketRaid 2720SGL RAID is GONE!

Phileas Fogg

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Hi guys,


I’ve installed RocketRaid 2720SGL on Friday after reading about it on this forum. I installed it successfully and created raid 1/0. i then spent over 4 days transferring all my 12TB from my old WHS1.

This morning I woke up to find out that all my folders are missing from the new server.

Windows Hard drive management shows that the hard drives need to be initialised again. I couldn’t believe it. All my information is gone.

I checked all cables.

After searching online I found out on Amazon a review from someone that stated the exact same thing but I couldn’t find any help regarding this issue.


To summarise this post: HELP ME!!!!

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Yep. i deleted them all as this raid was working fine from Friday morning and i needed to format all my old hard drive to be able to sell them.


anyways.. any ideas regarding the problem?

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If you just did a quick format of your V1 drives you may be able to recover some of your data from them. Don't write anything to them in the interim.

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Did you install the rollup patch from last night? For sure do not initialize them again, but see what a reboot of the server does or at least try to get into Safe Mode.


Why RAID 1? I'm curious.

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Here is a screenshot , i just don't understand how a pre configured Raid that was working for over 4 days (even after reboot and shut down ) can suddenly break completely.

PS: it's not raid 1 but raid 10 which is 1+0 and the reason for that funny enough was DATA SECURITY...

still shocked and can't get my head around the (close to be a fact) that i lost all my data.




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private album cannot see...my error on the RAID 10


Are you sure the array was finished building?

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check out PCDoc's directions for posting a picture at the end of this thread http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2840-posting-pictures/page__pid__44939#entry44939


When you're in the message screen put the link in the pop up window when you click on the photo icon in the menu. The photo will appear in your message screen then.


Could you also post details of your system. All known at the moment is you have a 2720 and some (unknown) drives in some (unknown) system.

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