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What is best mini ITX board with UEFI


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I am looking at building a new PC for simple usage, and I want to future proof it for Windows 8 and get a motherboard that supports UEFI. What recommendations for MINI ITX motherboards do you have? I have mainly used Gigabyte and Asus motherboards in the past, but just want something of high quality. Any and all recommendations are appreciated and I will be using an Intel chip, preferably ivy bridge, but could be sandy. I5 of i3, don't need i7. Plan to use the integrated graphics in the chip

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I've been using UT for several years and it's been great. Other than a few issues getting v8 installed the first time (I was trying to upgrade with a fresh install) I've had no issues. I'm going to implement a UT server at that relative's business where I'm helping out.

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I read thru PCDocs post and wondered if I exported all my current settings if I could reimport them back once 9.3 is installed. Not that I have that much special going on, just lazy I guess.

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As far as I know you can. I will be trying (maybe) when I build the box. I have many custom settings such as fixed IP and forwards. The few days I tried the new version is was pretty good. I should be getting my new hardware tomorrow

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