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The HSS Meetup 2012 - Indianapolis


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Thanks! to Dave and Jim for another Great! HSS meetup! And of course #Drobo for sponsoring the event! I had a Great Time! Diehard was on the laptop. My flash kinda blew him out. (Sorry John) =)



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Some of the pictures show the guys with their badges ,,,hint Joe Miner was all over the Pop Up Store. cskenny says, "just do it" Some of us like orange sweater vests.....

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    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      Unbox ML110 Gen10 at RESET Meetup
      This is a video of the unboxing of the HPE ProLiant ML1100 Gen10 at the RESET Meetup #Indy2017 on September 30, 2017.  More to follow in the Forums in the future.

    • Dave
      By Dave
      Meetup 2017 Registration - $20 This fee guarantees you a spot at Meetup 17 as well as breakfast and lunch. You may have heard the story but one year I didn't charge a small fee and a ton of people showed up for the free food and a ton of others cancelled! So I had way too much leftover BBQ! This is a PayPal transaction. If you would like something different please PM me.  Use this link - PayPal $20
      Also, if you are a Patron, https://patreon.com/davidmccabe, at the $5 or higher level, you have a ticket to Meetup 17. You do need to RSVP though. Please use a PM here, email, Patreon PM, etc. Patrons are also invited to a RESET HQ Tour on Friday night. Come on all, sign up as Patrons!!! I purchase food based on your RSVP's and PayPal reservations! Sometimes folks can't make it after reserving, that is fine. The earlier you can reserve your spot the better!
      Also, use this thread to secure transportation with each other. If you are flying in, let us know your details and maybe you can hitch a ride with someone. If you want to carpool, drop your location here and maybe someone else close to you can share a ride and some gas. You never know!
      I'm currently speaking with area hotels. I'm trying to secure a group rate at the closest, Hyatt Place. There are several events happening this weekend and they seem to be fairly booked but I'll let you know for sure. Lastly, RESET stickers for all! That's why you're coming right? 
      If you are new to Meetup I can tell you it is a great time. We have equipment demos and a lot of folks bring their servers, media gear, etc. There is always something new and ALWAYS something to talk about. Remember Meetup 16? I dropped a bombshell on everyone and published the final episode of HSS Podcast and launched RESET Podcast. All in about 30 minutes! I was super emotional during that and it was totally unplanned! Did anyone film that? You never know what surprises I have in store for you!
      Most folks try to arrive Friday prior to Meetup. We try to meet at the local Fry's and then go out to eat. Saturday is Meetup and then we converge on the Microsoft Store right after. Usually, 6 PM. Saturday night we try to go out to the local Irish Pub for some fish and chips and then disperse. Sunday morning a group of use meet at a, not so local, Waffle House for some breakfast. (love this part!)
      My area is exploding in growth so you might want to bring your family to shop and explore the area. They are also invited to have lunch at Meetup. If you want to do that let me know and I can arrange that with you. I've found that most spouses don't want to stick around as the geekery tends to get very thick and unbearable for them. Ha ha ha!
      Fry's Electronics
      Conner Prairie
      Downtown Circle City Monument and many museums
      Meetup 17 - September 30th, 8 AM to 5 PM
      Use this link - PayPal $20
      Meetup 2016 thread for information purposes - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ignite/default.aspx
      Want to revisit Meetup 16?  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiBi0ZKn_IuTjKcj3E3rAPvSOqjjFw
      Location - SAME Location!  8900 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis IN 46240 Map here. 
      Here is the closest hotel with the best pricing.
      Hyatt Place
      9104 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240
      (317) 843-0064
      There is also Marriot North.
      3645 River Crossing Pkwy, Indianapolis, IN 46240
      (317) 705-0000
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      September 21st, 2013
      Indianapolis, Indiana
      Holiday Inn Express, 9791 North by Northeast Blvd, Fishers, IN 46037
      Registration Link:  http://hss2013.eventbrite.com/
      Here are some photos from last year.  http://sdrv.ms/13oY59g
      I can confirm that we can now offer a Home Storage track and a Windows 8
      Device track.  I need RSVP's to make this happen though!
      Original Post below
      During podcast 220 tonight Dave and Jim started talking about the next Home Server Show Meetup.
      They picked a date.....it's planned for September 21, 2013 somewhere in the Indianapolis area.
      Now we are looking to you the listeners and participants for help.  What vendors / companies would you like to see represented at the meet-up? 
      Post in this thread with your ideas or comments.  More info to follow so stay tuned!
      REGISTRATION IS OPEN http://hss2013.eventbrite.com/
    • jcollison
      By jcollison
      I mentioned it on the show last week but now it is official. I will be in the Kansas City Microsoft Store, Saturday afternoon, December 1st. I have two presentations to do on Windows 8 and SkyDrive. One at Noon and the other at 3pm. Also going to podcast live from the store at 5pm and working on some interviews with the store manager. If you are in the area and can join me, let me know here. We will do a mini meetup early or late depending on who can show up. Maybe I can even get Microsoft to come up with a few giveaways?
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