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The HSS Meetup 2012 - Indianapolis


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I would like to gauge interest in a 2012 meetup. I envision it to be on a Saturday in mid October and located somewhere in the Indianapolis Indiana area. Please let me know in a reply if you:


RSVP no matter what the date.


Can't make it this year.


This will help me decide on a location and what vendor support I'll need. Hit me with questions if you have them. Thanks!


UPDATED: The 2nd Annual Meetup will be held on October, 20th, in a location TBD. 95% sure it will be the North Indianapolis area. Page 2 of this post is where RSVPs start. Pleast RSVP if you know you will attend. Thank you!

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Date chosen
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RSVP = No Matter What the Date (unless I'm working in the hospital). Locations: Frys, Lux Lake, Casa De McCabe, The Ram, The Rathskeller. Let me help you with this Dave.

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RSVP -- but dependent on WAF (Oct. WAF low = 20th, WAF high = 6th, 13th, 27th)


Location: Fry’s if possible (If they had a room I would think they would be thrilled to have a bunch of Enthusiasts with itchy credit cards in the house – maybe they would even help sponsor?)


Drinks/food: Sahms Bar & Grill @ 7878 E 96th St. – close to Fry’s :D locally owned and great food & drink

Another Place: Alibis Bar & Grill @ corner of N. Shadeland Ave & Shadeland Station – just S of E 75th St (locally owned -- great hot wings) :D

Never been to The RAM but it looks interesting too!

Lots of other locally owned gems as well as chains on 96th and 82nd streets though.

Even the Casleton Grill on 82nd (locally owned) had free wifi the last time I was there and I think they do groups and the food is good.

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I could care less about 90% of their stuff, but the components section is awesome. Or at least the one in Orange County is.

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