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back up between two servers


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Sorry for cross posting in forums but I don’t know the best place for this.

I am looking for a reliable easy to use backup program for using between two internet connected HP ProLiant MicroServer N40. Both are using WHS2011 and currently are using Syncovery and msftpsrvr.

We have had them since December and I have never got Syncovery to work reliably. My end has 9 profiles which have either run or failed for a number of days using the schedule, while a manual run always works. But now some are randomly failing while others are running.

To be of any use a backup program needs confidence in its reliability and with almost most non-existent support (the old it’s not us it’s something else so you sort it out) I have now lost confidence in it.

Can someone subject a program that will run on WHS2011 it certainly doesn’t need to be anywhere as flexable (complex) as Syncovery!

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Many tghanks for reply, regretably I don't know what that meens



The error is always

Syncovery v6.03, build 105...




23:00:13.16: Opening Database

23:00:13.47: Connecting With Database

23:00:13.811: Database Connected

23:00:13.889: Database Opening Complete

FTP Exception (3): ETGFTPError Connection failed (error code is 10060) @ 00DB4C92



sftp://*******/Documents: Cannot access


(Connection failed (error code is 10060) at 00DB4C92)


Job preparation and/or building the filelist failed.


The synchronization was prepared but not carried out.

Building started: TRUE, preparation not OK.


But this ONLY happens fron schedual never manual and as now not all the profiles are effected, thouth untill two days agao all di do the same.



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From the surface, there appears to be, or at least to me, that some period of inactivity is causing the connection to drop. The manual process is always active.


I would suggest setting up an always on VPN connection between the two servers and using something like AllwaySync to move the files between the two. This is a process I have used with success and requires very little setup,


It's secure unlike your FTP traffic which is being sent in the clear and not encrypted over the connection.

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This kind of situation is exactly what RoboCopy was built for: i.e. it's designed to give reliable file transfer over unreliable links. It will retry sending a file 1 million times before it gives up. Of course, you can modify the number of retries, and the time to wait between retries, as 1 million retries with a 30 second pause between retries is a reallllllly long time :)

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