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A Granite Base For Your Desktop, What?


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Tom's Hardware seems quite impressed: http://www.tomshardw...ml#xtor=RSS-182


Reference the granite base specifically, see pic # 31.




Finishing Touches: The Granite Base

We’re pretty sure that granite has never been used before in a production PC. After all, affixed to a mid-tower chassis, a granite base would weigh 40 pounds. We learned several other reasons why this stone isn’t a material system builders like to work with. But the idea came about out of necessity.

We discovered the hard way that, when you reduce a tower to only four inches-wide, it’s fairly easy to knock over. A stray elbow, a pet, or a young child will eventually put your Tiki down and block a cooling intake. Even if not everyone needed it, we wanted to at least provide an option to stabilize the tower without significantly increasing its width.




We Tried Feet

They’re plastic. They’re inexpensive. They’re light. They’re 92% useless.

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