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HP Microserver, Windows 2008 SP2 and XBMC


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Hello HomServer Community,


I recently purchased a HP Microserver (N40L) running AMD Turion 1.5Ghz dual core with 8Gb of RAM and ATi Radeon HD 6570 2Gb Small form factor GPU.


It is running Windows 2008 server with SP2 with desktop experience and all updates plus DirectX 11 and the latest ATi Catalyst updates.

The server is configured with two roles: File Server and Hyper-V (only runs if nothing else is running and launched infrequently).


I have XBMC 11.0 Eden installed.


When I play HD MKV files backed up from my blu-ray collection, the video stutters with fast forward like jumping in short intervals and this happens for matter of split second or so.


System information is provided below and any thoughts or suggestions you can make to help resolve the stuttering would be appreciated. Dxdiag reports no issues and I am running Microsoft Security Essentials.



XBMC System Info:

GPU = ATi Radeon HD 6570 2Gb

Screen Resolution = 1280x720@60Hz full screen 59.70Fps

DX Vendor = atictx32.dll

Direct 3D Version =

CPU usage Ave 25%

Memory usage 20%


XBMC System Settings - Video:

Rendor Method = DXVG

Allow H/W acceleration = DXVG2

Adjust display refresh rate and synch playback to display both disabled.


Any advise you can offer on resolving this would be appreciated.


Thank you.



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Hello, Yes - both 42" Panasonic Plasma and 22" LG via HDMi. The MKV files play fine on the WD TV Live HD. I am currently contemplating either to install WinXP or purchase Win7 Professional to see if this helps. The idea was to have a home server to backup my dvd and blu-ray library onto and also run a winxp client in hyper-v for torrents and newsgroups.





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