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iTunes and Music Questions from Gary


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Got this in e-mail and thought I would let you guys see it.

I am an owner of an HP EX470 server and I have multiple questions in regards to logging on and syncing my music library with itunes.

Here is a little background on my home network. I have all Windows machines with a mix of desktops and laptops. I recently purchased an HP Laptop with Windows 7 for my wife. I have been primarily been using the server as a backup for the PC

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I'll preface this by saying, I'm no expert....just a user.

In reference to the second question. I had my itunes library on my server and linked to it thru Itunes (in vista) and all was dandy. Now...I only have one machine accessing the library--and it worked fine. I'm not sure if you would have to use the 'home sharing' feature with the multiple computers...I don't have experience there. It does work great and there are several online tutorials on pointing you library to it.

I'm actually experiencing trouble since I did a clean install of win7 last week. I point my itunes to the server directory but it never actually accesses it....and no errors come back. Not sure what's happening, not finding much on the web yet about it.

(EDIT------ I had been going to the preferences tab and pointing the library to my folder.... after a lot of reading, I found that I had to start itunes with my shift key pressed and then point my library to the itunes library file on the server....all synced up now!)
Stay safe,


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The password for the laptop user will need to match the password for the username in the WHS. If it does not, you will get a pop-up asking you if you want to synch the passwords. That will give immediate access to shared folders without password prompt hassles.

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We have a similiar set up in our house.

WHS homebuild with all the music in the music share.

3 users in house all with own libraries (local) so we can have our own Playlists, Genius Mixes etc., but all pointing to the same media folder on the server. Also we all have our own Itunes Store account.

Turn on sharing on each machine, and you can have access to each other libraries.

If i purchase something from itunes it saves it to the media folder on the server, but my wife an daughter can also access it (legitimatley) throught the home sharing. also very handy if you put apps on your iPhone or Touch etc.

Hope this helps.

My Laptop with Itunes library saved locally on my machine

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