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Domain Name now that email changed to outlook


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Well I have not had a chance to stop in the forms as its summer and very busy still always listen to the podcast on the way to work keep up the good work

Now onto my problem:

I changed from Hotmail to Outlook

Now of course my server is telling me that my Internet Domain name cannot be updated

Well everything is still working but I just don't like to have a read error on my server

How to I reset up my Domain as I can't release it using the setup button as it tells me my user name / password is not correct

I just really need to reset my user name password to my new outlook account I would think but how do you do that

Any suggestions?

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Your old hotmail credentials should be the same for Outlook.com, or at least mine were. Use the built in Admin account to change password.

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thanks I had to stop it then start it to get it to ask for my crdentials again then once I put the new ones in it worked again

I could not find any other place to change them



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