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Using Cloud Based Servers (Free Server 2008R2 on AWS EC2)


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I am wondering if anyone has experience integrating a cloud-based server into the home. My primary motivation is that Amazon will allow me to run a micro instance of Windows Server 2008R2 for free and I don't really have the cash to build a new machine.


I am thinking of having this server do something basic like run Active Directory/ Domain Controller.


I already have the server running, but I am looking for the practical uses. I am assuming that I need to create some sort of VPN to connect my home computers to the cloud server. What options do I have for a VPN solution? I would like it to be cloud-based, if that is possible. I do a lot of testing and playing around with many different virtual machines and every time I fire up a new machine I want to quickly be able to connect it to the VPN.

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