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I've been looking for a site like this. If you have links to great budget HTPC and/or Windows Server builds, post em for me!


Looking to build a bit of a Frankserver. I have a free full windows 2012 server I'd like to use. I have an enclosure and a dampened box, sound won't be an issue and I have enough room for a mid-atx. I need HTPC functionality; I want to learn Windows Server. Any advice is appreciated including telling me Windows Server isn't a good fit for HTPC.


In Order of Importance

  • HTPC - Function as DVR, BlueRay Player, Stream Netflix
  • Back Up Household PC's
  • File Server
  • Development Toy (Run IIS SQL Server, Learn Windows Server, Etc)
  • Game Maybe

Of course I want to go cheap. Am I best served by looking to a quad core (x4 965 black $95, Fx-4100 $90, A6-3650 $80) or dual (x4 645Pentium G6530 $50, G620 $64)?


I'm looking to get a box up and running cheap that I can expand. I need CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Hard Drive


I'm also trying to learn what a server can do for me at home, so any advice/links you can throw my way is appreciated!


Thanks for taking time to read.



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First up no server edition supports Windows Media Centre. So your HTPC ambitions may not be attainable unless you want to shoe horn a VM in there too. WAF could be an issue there too.

As for a CPU, the i3/i5 sandy bridge processors are probably the go. (Model numbers start with a "2") coupled with a Z68 or Z77 mobo.

There are a million posts on new server builds on the site so go and have a look at the hardware section. Its full of great advice

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I agree with Renny about the media center/VM comment. I would go with I5 series as that will do the categories you are asking for even if the software will not. Backup processes are also better suited with Windows Home Server not window 8. Without a VM solution or two boxes you will not have a great experience.

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