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wmccds.exe (Windows Media Connect) - What is it?


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My closet backs up to my office right by my home server. Every morning while I am getting ready for work I can hear the disk spinning. I finally decided to investigate today and found that wmccds.exe is running and using up to 25% of the CPU at times. It also causes my memory to spike to 100% every few seconds. So I killed the process and everything went to 0 as I would expect at this time because nothing is accessing the server. Unfortunately, the process automatically restarted after about 5 seconds. Upon restart it was even worse. The CPU would peak around 30to 35% and the memory and the HDD would peak at 100%. At first they were maxed out for about 10 minutes. Then the HDD dropped back down with small peaks alternating between 0 and 10% and the memory would steal peak at 100% alternating. During this time, the processor time would alternate between 0 and 20%.

Anyone know what this file is and if I need it? I did find a link on the web stating it was for connecting an xbox, which I do have, but why would it be on my server? Also, why would it need to run when my xbox is turned off?

Eventually, after 30 minutes or an hour. It all dies down except for the CPU usage. At that time it just cycles between 0 and about 25% every couple of seconds.

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Windows Media Connect is like Twonky. It scans and indexes your media files to make them available to streamers. It's not as powerful as Twonky. If you have Twonky, you should turn 1 of them off, or better yet set it to manual. If you disable Windows media connect, WHS will complain about it. So it runs in the backgroup to keep your available shared media up to date.

If you decide to set it to manual, remote into your server, when your there, Start, right click My Computer, manage, expand the last tab Services and Applications, Services, look for Windows Media Connect Service and right click, select properties, Under the General Tab go to the pull down menu and change it to Manual, click on stop. OK. Close the boxes.

You might also have to go into the WHS Console, Settings, Media Sharing and set the buttons to OFF. Since I have Twonky with my HP box, that is what I have done. Or else you will see your server as 2 media streaming devices. Also your doubling up on the indexing stuff, which as you can hear, gets annoying.

If you do this, your files will no longer be available for your xbox.

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