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I have 7 TB of hard drives (mostly Western Digital 1TB and 1.5TB), a server box, motherboard, and all the necessary connectors. I will take my existing server, pull all the data, wipe it clean, and install a new server OS on it.



1) What Windows server options (Homeserver, , Server R2) would be the best fit?

2) And why (explanation)?

Note: We have 3 to 4 people dialing in remotely - on both Win and Mac machines - and we like the remote access features to move large files around. I am on the event photography industry and needs server that will help me doing great in my business.


I hope for your quick response in the inquiry, our existing server is getting sicker by the day and it needs to be fixed or replaced ASAP.




Thank you in advance!


Warm regards,


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What server OS are you currently using and when you say "3-4 people dialing in remotely" what do u mean by that? Viewing photos on a website hosted on the server? Connecting to a VPN? You've come to the right place...but i think we'll need a little more info about it's current use and future use plans.


Welcome! :)

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Can you give us the "exact" mix of those drives? I will assume you do not want to buy any more hardware so given that, there are about three ways to go with this install..

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