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Windows 8 Metro App Foibles


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So I installed Windows 8 and everything went well, until I tried to play music or videos from

the metro apps. When I played the file(s) there was no sound. After some googling

I quickly discovered I wasn't alone. However, everything worked perfectly if played them with WMP.

So google suggested:


1. Disable WMP, this worked until I rebooted.

2. Do a refresh. This failed, telling me files were missing and I couldn't do a refresh.

3. Did a restore, still no change.

4. I then remembered Paul Thurrott mentioned on Windows Weekly Win8 did better

from a Win7 upgrade than from a Win8 fresh install.

5. So I installed and completely updated Win7, then did the upgrade. Didn't pay attention

until it was too late and realized I used the Developer Preview

6. So did #5 again, making sure I used Release Preview this time. After a complete update on

Win7 and then Win8 upgrade everything works well.

7. Except the WHS 2011 backup failed, but I think this was on the WHS side and being

midnight I stopped.


So far I am liking 8, but hope this isn't a recurrent problem.

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