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New Poca Version, compatible with 2011


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Hi folks,


I have just released a new version of my pod catcher app. This version is not an add-in, but is compatible with WHS 2011, Windows 7 or any other Windows version since the introduction of XP. The app is 32bit, but I have tested it under 64 bit Windows 7 and WHS 2011.


Like WHS v1 version the app still is still mainly a windows service that runs in the background, but now has a desktop app to manage the service.


This is the initial beta release, but the core service engine is the same as the WHS v1 update that I released few months ago.


The beta is available to anyone.


Find it here.


Bill Rockhold

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I've just uploaded an update the Poca Server app. Just minor changes. Couple bug fixes and added a Admin only installer.


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Question, is there anyway to alter the names of the Epsiodes? For instance, I use the Zune software for podcast downloading and the HSS show was listed as "The Home Server Show E208" or something very close to that. POCA names it as HSS208.


Just an option for discussion.

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The HSS208.mp4 is the actual name of the file as it is stored on the host server.


If you pull up the RSS Feed page (http://feeds.feedburner.com/HSSPodcast) and right click on the "Play Now" and save the link, you'll see the file name.


Is the Zune software playing back the file and just displaying the title or does it actually rename the file?

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As long as they are in the correct folder, I could really care less. JUST BE CONSISTENT!!


OMG, ROTFLMAO.....Microsoft.... consistent.... OMG, please, stop, my sides hurt :D :D

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