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File Name: Poca Server

File Submitter: axoid

File Submitted: 17 Jul 2012

File Updated: 21 Jul 2013

File Category: Axoid's Add-In's

Free or Fee?: FREE


Poca is a application that will download podcasts from configured RSS Feeds in the background when ever the computer powered up and Windows is running even if you are not logged into the machine.
This new version of Poca is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows introduced since Windows XP, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


Click here to download this file

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This looks interesting. I am currently using Firenze to download my podcasts so they sync with ihomeserver.


Where can we submit feature requests. For example.. the ability to import feeds from OPML file or something like that.


Would be nice if it had a web interface so I could manage it running on my homeserver from any computer. Or have the admin tool a "portable app" so I can just run it from the machine when I need to manage the feeds.


It however does look really good for a first beta.

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Or have the admin tool a "portable app" so I can just run it from the machine when I need to manage the feeds.


You can manage a remote instance of the service from another installation. I'm planning on adding a 'client only' install, but didn't want to delay getting the app out there.


Install the app on the server and then install a copy on your client machine. Then go into services on the client machine and disable the Poca Service. Now just run the Poca Admin tool and give it you server's machine name or IP address and you will be able to administer the service remotely.


I created a thread last year asking for enhancement requests. Feel free to post in that thread.


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I found a small bug. If you delete a podcast from the gui - the software keeps downloading the podcast episodes until you reboot the server.


not a huge deal.


thanks for the great software,

-Scott Baker

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I can definitely see how it could to that; once it starts processing a RSS Feed is will continue with the list of feeds and files to download until it is has finished. Once it finishes a download cycle and sleeps it shouldn't try to download the deleted feed again.


I'll try to replicate the issue and I'll take a look in to a fix.


Your welcome, :)

Bill Rockhold

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  • 4 months later...

Been using this since the original WHSv1 add-in and thanks to your help got that up and running on WHS2011 with no GUI so this is great now I can change things visually rather than editing the XML configs manually!! One question though where is the config for the feeds and folders they're saved to now stored please? Looked in the obvious places like the Program folder itself and the registry etc but can't find them!


Nice work though and thanks for continuing to develop it.

Jon Woodley

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I changed the way that configuration is saved in Poca Server. As you know, in the WHSv1 version I used XML files saved in a folder under Program Files, but I found that when writing non-addin apps for the newer OS there is a security feature that prevents apps from writing files in Programs File folders with out admin permission. I wanted to prevent support problems that could arise from this security feature since I wasn't aiming at one specific platform like WHS, so I went another route to handle the config settings.


Microsoft provides an programming API that handles maintaining configuration data. The data is stored in the install directory for the application, but it is trusted since it went through the API. The API picks the file name were the data is stored (preventing the developer from modifying other files, like EXEs and inserting viruses). I haven't tried to directly modify the config contents so wouldn't recommend trying it.


Right now you need to use the admin tool to change settings in Poca Server.


On a side note. Poca Server wont currently work under Windows 8. Microsoft added a new security feature that is causing a problem that I've run in to that didn't exist under Win7 and WHS2011.

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