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Server/Client Sync question


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Hello everyone, my first home server is up and running and I would like to thank everyone who assisted me with the project. I have a few questions about the mechanics of syncing files across the server and clients.


The Cisco NAS that I have been using until a few days ago had software that automatically moved any pictures, videos, etc. (in watched folders) to the NAS, so when I connected my camera to my laptop and pulled the files into My Pictures they were already being backed up (like SkyDrive works). I have been looking around and can't seem to find an easy button to do this with WHS 2011.


Another SkyDrive-like feature I would like to copy would be to set things up so that when I change a file on a client that change is made everywhere. The best I could think to do would be to re-map my documents, pictures, videos, to the corresponding WHS shared folder and then make those folders available offline so I had them when I left the house. That seems like the answer to both questions, but I wasn't sure if files added to offline available folders would sync back to the server folder when I rejoined the network.

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WHS doesn't sync files to a drive. It backs them up at night when it backs up the client. To sync you need to use a tool like alwaysync or synctoy.


Can't help you on the skydrive questions because I haven't played with it much.

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