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WHS2011 on an Acer H34x


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I just wanted to let people know that I was able to successfully install WHS2011 onto my Acer H340 headless server, and it was actually pretty easy.


I don't think I'm saying anything particularly new, and I think a number of you have heard of the technique, but I wanted to add my confirmation to those of others.


What I did was use the technique outlined on intensegamingtv.com. Basically, you start the install on a computer that has a monitor, kb, and mouse. You attach the drive you want to use as your H340 system drive, boot from the WHS2011 install DVD, and let it proceed until the point where it does the first reboot. As the computer is rebooting, you shut it down, detach the WHS2011 OS drive and install it in the H340. You then start up the H340 and let it proceed with the rest of the install.


I was surprised at how well it worked. And, I didn't have to create a custome .INF file, I didn't have to create a boot USB flash drive, and I didn't have to fight the H340 to get it to boot from the USB stick.


The only 'glitch' I ran into is where I tried to connect to the server to continue the setup. I simply didn't wait long enough for the correct web page to appear. A little patience paid off in the end.


Lastly, I downloaded some extra files to make the H340 run more fully like it did with WHSv1 (all the lights working, etc.). I got the one for the LEDs from WGS. The file described there also requires the Intel RST drivers for Vista x64.


I got the GPU driver from Intel.

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