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eSata Port Multiplier PCIe 1x card that is S.M.A.R.T. Data & Temp capable?


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Moving forward, I'm going to connect my two Sans Digital 5-bay eSata enclosures to my HTPC Win 7 Media Center box directly. (and not use WHS for my Videos/Pictures/Music any more) I'll then use http://flexraid.com (the new 2.0 with Cruise Control Pooling/RAID is awesome, built in SMART monitoring as well)


That leads me to my question. What are the chances of receiving SMART data from the Seagate drives in my two Sans Digital 5-bay eSata enclosures?



Is it more the Enclosure or Controller card that is the issue if you can't read SMART data?


If it's the controller card, what is the best eSata port multiplier aware eSata PCIe 1x card out there that will pass along SMART data and temps properly?


The card does NOT need to be fully RAID since FlexRaid will be doing all the pooling and RAID-F parity via Windows.





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I don't know about your enclosure, but my experience is that you can get SMART data IF the enclosure supports, and is configured for, JBOD; true JBOD, not concatenation. In that situation, each drive is presented to the system separately, just as if the drives were connected to mobo SATA ports. Of course, the controller card and the enclosure both have to be multi-port aware.


I have successfully used a StarTech 2-port eSATA PCIe card. Mine is PEXESATA2

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That Firmtek device sounds like the business. However I note that the raid card (port multiplier) that comes with the SD products will at least tell you if the individual drives are healthy or not.

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