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Ok, I think I'm almost sold on picking/trying FlexRaid! (over Drive Bender)


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Ok, I think I'm almost sold on picking/trying FlexRaid!


I've been using WHS 2011 & easy to use StableBit DrivePool for the past 8 months with two 5 bay eSata enclosures. My NEW migration plan is to hook the same two 5 bay eSata enclosures directly to my powerful Windows 7 Media Center HTPC. (and not use WHS for my main pool of videos/music/pictures any more) I want it all directly on my HTPC for various performance and compatibility reasons. WHS was fun, but not really needed any more with 3rd party pooling being proven effective over the last year.


Since StableBit DrivePool is only supported on WHS, I thought I was going to be forced to use DriveBender. (which has a clunky UI to me from past experiments) I'm sure DriveBender would get the job done, but I'm not feeling confident in testing it over FlexRaid now. Well I'm glad I did some research first and discovered FlexRaid. I'm really impressed with what I've seen reading over their Wiki pages. I've learned a lot, and I'm ready to start with a Trial.



FlexRaid is only at 5% in this poll




FR seems to be off to a great start post 2.0. I'm feeling very confident that FlexRaid will meet my expectations, needs, and then some.


I guess the only hesitation is FlexRaid seems to be the new kid on the block, so I've yet to see as many reviews out there. (nothing on youtube for example even) I have a feeling that post 2.0 will bring in more people like me if it's as good as I'm thinking it will be. Thoughts on FlexRaid?

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I have never used it so I can't comment. Keep us updated though.


Have you looked at unRaid. That is what GeekAccountant uses and has put out a vote of confidence for it in thepast.

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