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Seagate Chirping noise Firmware fix! (Bye Bye random high pitch Chirp sounds)


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Example: http://soundcloud.com/user3445428/weird-chirp-sound-seagate


My specific Chip fix was for the 3TB Barracuda (1TB/Disk Platform) one listed here:



All drives: http://knowledge.sea...US/FAQ/207931en




"Seagate Releases CC4H Firmware For 1TB/Disk Barracuda Hard Drives - Fixes Chirping

Today, Seagate released a firmware upgrade for the Barracuda (1TB/disk) family of hard drives (models ST3000DM001, ST2500DM001, ST2000DM001 and ST1000DM003). The new firmware download, version CC4H, is recommended to enhance the performance and/or reliability of the drive. Previous versions of firmware with these models and part numbers are CC46, CC47, CC49, CC4C, or CC4G. The upgrade is a free download available here and we are told that this helps with the chirping noises that some users are complaining about."

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Thanks for the heads up. I found once I ran the drive drivedetect tool from seagate it listed the one drive that needed updating in red. The rest were green. When I manually looked it up the red drive was the only one that required updating.


Hopefully this helps others that have multiple drives to check as well.


The update after that was very simple.

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