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Windows Server 2012 on HP EX495 MediaSmart Server


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Since Windows Server 2012 RC is out I'm curious......



Does anyone know if Windows Server 2012 will run on the HP EX495 MediaSmart server?


Mine is upgraded by the way with the Q9550S CPU and Mushkin Silverline 4GB RAM

I also have the VGA add-on cable so OS installs are trouble free.


I'm curious if the external eSATA port driver will be supported naively and installed automatically.

(and if not, where I can download it from to get it working)


WHS 2011 64-bit drivers for the SiliconImage 3531 Port Multiplier Chipset available here.

http://www.siliconim...0&cat=3<br />(no mention of Server 2012 yet)


It would be nice to know the LED driver works as well form here:

http://forum.wegotse...s-2011/<br />(just posted the question to the dev latest post there)


FYI: Just posted this same new thread/questoin at the wegotserved forum too


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I have an original HP EX495 MediaSmart Server can some one please help me to upgrade to windows server 2012.

Any link to instructions

Please please :)

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Other than having a keyboard & video attached to the server, I think the only way you could do this, and I'm not certain it is possible at all, would be to:

  1. start the installation on another computer;
  2. stop the installation right at the first reboot;
  3. transfer the hard drive to the MediaSmart;
  4. continue the installation.

I did this to install WHS2011 on my Acer H340, which is similar in concept to the MediaSmart. The real problem you would have, I believe, is that I had to continue the installation by browsing to a specific URL on the H340. I'm not sure if that same URL would work for WS2012 and, if not, what the correct URL would be, if there even is one.

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You could also run it with an unattended installation file, that is if you are willing to do the upfront learning curve process, or standup a WDS server and do it that way.

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