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How to restore a WHS 2011 client backup database?

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Hi - my client backup database was stored on default d:\serverfolders\client computer backups.


I also routinely backed up d:\serverfolders\client computer backups to an external hard drive g:\client computer backups.


If I were to reinstall my WHS 2011 server OS and copy the contents of g:\client computer backups to the empty d:\serverfolders\client computer backups folder, would it restore the backup data base to the last save point? In other words, once the client connector software was reinstalled, would the client PCs begin to backup from where they left off?


OR would I once again need to start all of my client PC backups from scratch?


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure of the correct answer but I think if you do a repair install those files will not be bothered. However. backup, backup, backup. A new OS will see those clients with different ID's (SID's).

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I recommend you install WHS2011 to a spare drive then copy the backups over and see if it does indeed work. That way, you can always put the original drive back into service.


I also agree with jmwills. As long as you do a Repair Install, I suspect it will not trash the existing backups. To be safe, I would make a clone of the drive first.

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Did anybody test this yet ? Fresh install of whs. 2011, copying the backup folder back, is it possible to restore a client from the whs?

I assume a full restore would work ?

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