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I am interested in MyMovies for my EX495 as I setup for Windows Media Center streaming to my HDTV. It seems to be the most popular option, but honestly the points scheme confuses me.

I will likely still rip on my main desktop as disk copying requires more points. I see that you can get the software for WHS, but the required points for all the views in Media Center just keeps adding up. Is there an all in one package? If not, what options do you recommend?

In another area I am looking at either a small form factor similar to the AS Rock 330 or the Revo? Other than size, is there a big advantage of one over the other?


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I like My Movies. But I've always had trouble setting it up to work just right. As Dave pointed out in the podcast, it beat MetaBrowser at finding movie titles, not as good at finding TV shows & episode names. I find that it takes up a lot of room. Requiring MySQL and all that support software. With all the points needed to get it to do everything, your taking $100 plus you have to get AnyDVD for another $100. Rough. Right now I'm using metabrowser on my server & MediaBrowser plugin for my Windows7 Pro box and decripting with free DVD43. You can also try Brent Friedman's WHS DVD Manager addin for free.


There has been an update on MyMovies3. The points system was wrong in a few places. Requiring 2500 points instead of 1250.

Fix: The transcoding feature that is meant to require 1250 points unfortunately was set to require 2500. It now required the intended 1250 points.
Fix: Copying Blu-ray or HD DVD titles in Windows Media Center unfortunately was set to require 2500 points and not the intended 1250. It now requires the intended 1250.
Fix: Copying Blu-ray or HD DVD titles, or ISO files in Collection Management unfortunately was set to require 2500 points and not the intended 1250. It now requires the intended 1250.

John. ( homeservershow )

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If I understand correctly, the points are a threshold, not a debit system. So if Option A requires 1500 points and option B requires 2000, it does not require 3500 points to have both, you just have to have 2000 in your account and you have access to all options that require 2000 points or lower (in this case, both A & B).

I hope that that helps.

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Yeah, the threshold portion was not clear at all. I was thinking that the points added up quickly and became unreasonable. Everyone loves the product, but the points could be explained better. Oh, and MyMovies 3 is featured on Lifehacker.com today.

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having just registered to tell you this awraynor,(no idea why, lol)
why not come to mymovies website and read the wiki, ask on the forums, or contact one of the moderators such as myself and we will be glad to help and answear your questions.

the point system is very simple.


once you get to 100 you get this feature, 200 you get access to this, 500 this... 1200 you get transcoding., so on.
Its a threashold to encourage contribution from users, but these are advanced features, the primary functions of mymovies are there regardless.
you will not if a new feature comes out suddenly need 5k points, any features will be within the existing max requirement.

the max you will ever need to get is something like 2500 points for mymovies, and no more ever needed.
you are not required although we appreciate financial donations, you can earn points by correct and proper, following the guidelines, contributions of data and cover art/posters/art drops to earn points.

hope that made sense, if not ask


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Yep, thanks Carl. It's nice to see MyMovies represented here. I can understand why folks go to community forums instead of the product forum to ask for advice.

I really enjoy MyMovies. Does this mean I need to update to the newer versions? The Media Center nag is about to annoy me to the point of upgrading.

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sorry key i don't get your question?

update to a newer version of mymovies you mean?

well the latest is 3.5.

and 1.50 build 10 for the homeserver

so if you want the results of that then update.

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Thanks for the clarification. MyMovies and MediaBrowser have been getting some extra press
lately and I am glad to see both programs highlighted. Of course I always sing the praises
of my WHS.

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