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Building a Windows 8 Home Server

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On this topic -   I had been running a WHS2011 server since it came out  -  and had been running V1 starting with the beta before that. 


but two of the three pcs in my house no longer were fully supported ( UEFI,GPT)   so I jumped at the $40 "Upgrade" offer  to convert my box over to W8.  


The conversion over to Windows 8 has been pretty seamless 


was pleasantly surprised to find that my Raid 10 drive array ( 4 x 1TB)   completely transferred over to the new W8 install.  didn't even have to load in drivers for my Highpoint raid card.


just renamed / moved some of the folder structure and included it into my shared libraries in the homegroup. 


My bare metal restore needs are being taken care of by trueimage   I am running weekly incremental backup for each pc. 


My data/media backup plan:      Raid 10  is not a backup solution.    I have crashplan +  doing continuous backup to a networked USB drive ( off my asus router)  and to the Crashplan "cloud".  One great thing ( out of many) about crashplan  is that you can have multiple destinations for a backup set.   So with one  process,  I am making my 2nd local copy, as well as my offsite copy. 


For remote access,  I am using skydrive  -  but I have found that logging in to crashplan from the web is also very easy.   They have a great app for the windows phone and my kindle fire -  just about as fast as skydrive.


Microsoft has abandoned WHS2011 ,  We will continue to get security fixes  and such but that is easy , since its off the 2008 server codebase.   I really would be surprised if we see any support for new features. ( such as full UEFI support)


Even on the Server side, they are pushing  2012 server and deprecating 2008.   

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Thanks for the correction


This is good news for the community




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