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Online Photo Backup


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I have been using Picasa for a while. The desktop client is simple and that is fine as I don't do much

photo editing. I also have a grandfathered 200GB annual online storage account for $50 per year.

This storage can be used with Google Drive, but that is another story with less than stellar results.


I have been a bit disappointed with the online part of Picasa. Mainly due to it's lack of batch editing features,

such as delete a bunch of folders at the same time. As I have searched around a lot of other online photo/video

sites seem to offer unlimited storage of both for a reasonable price.


I would just backup the photos with my other data, but a more photo oriented site is preferred as I like to

share my photos with family. I see that I could get an extra 100GB on SkyDrive for $50/yr, but that doesn't

leave me a lot more room as I already have 90GB of just photos, not counting my videos.


One thing that concerns me about some of the sites I have found it the lack of a good batch photo uploader.

PIcasa natively does a reasonable job of that.


Is there a consumer level product out there that can make me leave Picasa?

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I have a Smugmug account that comes with unlimited storage. I upload only select photos I want people to see (ie, I don't upload the OOF, under exposed, poorly framed, etc) after editing, straight from Lightroom. While both the paid version of Smugmug and flickr have unlitied storage, I don't consider either a true backup. For that, I use Crashplan. Smugmug and flickr are for sharing.

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I was hoping the resident photography expert would post. I'm in the camp of take enough pictures and you'll eventually get

some good ones. I typically share some folders with the grandparents, only weeding out the really bad ones. I have used

CrashPlan in the past and should probably just use them again while keeping Picasa. I however will look at SmugMug and others,

such as ZenFolio that some people seem to favor.


My issue with Picasa was with the advent of Google+ it was kind of confusing whether my photos remained private or were published

to Google Plus. I basically take pics of my kids, but I still don't want every person in the world looking at them.


Thank for your input.

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On Smugmug you can password protect the photos. Then you can use a password with a hint that family should know. Like, my Mom's first name or something like that.

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Not sure because I do it all from Lightroom. From Lightroom I can upload to Facebook, flickr, Smugmug and others. Lightroom just makes it so easy. I actually use it for 90% of my editing now and rarely need to head into Photoshop anymore.

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