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WHS V1 - why is my System storage disproportionately large?


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Hi everyone,


For quite a while I’ve been a lurker here and sometimes listen to the podcasts; but this is my first post. HomeServerShow webpage is a great resource, thanks to everyone who contributes.


My WHS V1 has been a marvellous product over the years, I’ve really just set and forget it. Just one or twice added storage.


Can any of you help me with this puzzle? I’m wondering what is the huge 1.7 TB volume of System might be? Do I need it, can I reduce it?


I’ve attached a screen shot of my server storage.


Thanks in advance.





2012-07-01 Screen shot of server storage.pdf

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Something familiar in that question. Something about how it reports calculated disk usage where it combines PC backups with the OS drive and you end up with this huge number. It's nothing to worry about, as I remember. Just a quirky reporting thing.


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This was a common concern with V1, but never seemed to cause any performance issues. DVN may be correct about the source of the apparent problem.

I had a similar issue and am pretty sure the problem abated with subsequent drive re-balancing, but was still a large chunk of reported disk space.

Dont fret.

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