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Corrupted client backups on WHS 2011 (running in VMWare)


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I think there is just a bug somewhere in the WHS 2011 client backup stuff. Let's hope it is fixed in S1012E. I have experienced the same problem many times in the 1+ year that I've been running WHS 2011. One thing you might try is to run the ConsistencyChecker daily, instead of weekly. Why this would affect the likelyhood of the backup database becoming corrupt, I don't know (you would think a ConsistencyChecker would be read-only?!). But it certainly seems to help... I've never experienced a corruption with ConsistencyChecker set to daily. To change to to Task Scheduler, and look for Microsoft/Windows/Windows Server/ConsistencyChecker. I have it scheduled at 6:01am for every day of the week (that's just after the backup window closes).


I reported it to Microsoft via Connect and sent a bunch of logs over a very long period of time. Supposedly they are still working on it.. investigating. Now they have taken Home Server out of the connect site, and it looks like my report is somewhat lost, at least externally. Perhaps they are still looking at it internally.


At any rate, give it a try.


You may have to completely wipe out your ClientComputerBackups folder and start over as sometimes it is not possible to fix the corruption with the repair option. You will, of course have to stop the backup service:

net stop WSS_ComputerBackupSvc

net stop WSS_ComputerBackupProviderSvc


then remove the files... then restart the backup service:

net start WSS_ComputerBackupProviderSvc

net start WSS_ComputerBackupSvc


Good luck...

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jmwills - I actually moved the VM to different drives to see if that was a problem, and no change in the error. The other VMs on that drive run without error too. I was thinking it might be the provisioning inside VMWare for the VM was set. I have them set as Thick Provisioned, might that matter?


RehabMan - I've completely deleted the backup database twice already. Same issue. Works fine with no problems until the cleanup task runs, then the error crops up again. I'll try the ConsistancyChecker trick and see if that helps any!

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Thick provisioning will use all the drive space allocated at once, while thin will only use what is needed and can expand as needed. I'd try a Thin Provisioned client and see what happens.

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jmwills - I may switch it over, it just requires completely rebuilding the WHS instance to change the drive type, so I'll have to start from scratch again. I wouldn't want to try to copy or do a backup/reinstall for fear of bringing the corruption along for the ride..

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I can give that a shot too. Right now I have the server and the storage for it as one 300GB drive. I don't need much since it's just client backups.


So make another thin-provsioned drive, add it, then use the WHS Dashboard to move the backup folder?

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Just to update - After moving the drive around a few times, and trying different types of virtual drives, I kept getting the same problem.


Setting the ConsistancyChecker to run daily DOES seem to fix it though.

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