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Corrupted client backups on WHS 2011 (running in VMWare)


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Might be worth putting a spinning drive into that computer, disconnect the SSDs for now, install Win7 on the spinning drive, and try backing it up. You know, just to check if it IS the SSDs.

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I can give it a try this weekend. It's gotta be something with the RAID though if that's it. This machine has been my primary gaming machine for a loong time now, and it's had an SSD for over a year and a half. The RAID 0 was only setup about 6 months ago though.

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Well, further time has shown that if I run repair a few times, the problem will go away. Until the next scheduled backup cleanup runs, then it pops up again.

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Not in the least.


Is there any way to dig though the logs for the server backup cleanup task? I've gone through the regular windows logs in the event viewer, and I can't find anything unusual.

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The only thing that remained constant in your environment was the hard drive the backups were going to. Possibly a bad drive or at least a failing one?

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