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Recommendations For Duplicate Finder Software

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You should try Directory Report


It can find duplicate files plus:

show folder size like WinDirStat and

compare folders like Beyond Compare


For finding which folders/files are taking up a lot of space, I find SpaceMonger is excellent. I just use the free version I downloaded ages ago.

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I tried and liked both products, but a bit pricey. I uninstalled and provided feedback that I felt they were

too expensive. On a Sunday they responded with a 50% coupon applicable towards both products.

Not too bad for one minute of typing.

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Both. By default you get 50% off of file detective if you buy folder sizes, but I ended up

with 50% off of both. I used WinDirStat for years, but it would freeze. These two run like

a champ locally and on network drives.

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Single pro license for Folder Sizes is $27.50 at 50% off; Duplicate File Detective is $20 at 50% off.

It appears they offer all purchasers of Folder Sizes the 50% off of DFD.


Folder Sizes has a home product at $27.50 usual price, but it can't work across network drives.


They have many package options, but at 50% off these work for me.

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Hi guys,


I'm Mark Richards, founder of Key Metric Software - producers of FolderSizes and Duplicate File Detective.


If any other HSS patrons would like a similar discount, just shoot us an email (sales@foldersizes.com). We're happy to help you out.


Oh, and a quick clarification - the personal edition of FolderSizes actually can access remote/network file systems. This was indeed a limitation of the personal edition at one point, but we removed it a while back. Current personal edition restrictions are outlined on our ordering page if you'd like to check them out.


We're also always looking for product feedback. Criticisms are especially welcome (we're weird that way).


Thanks to awraynor for reaching out to us and making us aware of this forum. Looks very interesting indeed.


- Mark R.

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Thanks for stopping by Mark. Come back again. We love to see company staff contributing to the forums. I think you will find that 'looking for constructive criticism' is a valued trait among our members, so you'd be amongst the 'norm' rather than the 'weird' :)

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