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Having an odd issue with whs 2011 software raid 5


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I have been running windows home server 2011 for some time now and during the initial process of setting it up i never noticed this issue until tonight due to the lack of noise in my house. To make a long story short i was sitting there reading a book when i heard a feint beeping sound coming from the whs box i have in my living room. I started to watch it a little closure and sure enough every couple of mins it make a beep and all the drives in my raid 5 array loose power then spin right back up and keep doing what they were doing. Not sure what the exact cause it but the more i load them with activity the more often they loose power and make the beep sound. This causes no data loss from what i can see and yes it pauses the operation for a second or two but nothing super harmful yet. Should i be worried? does anyone know why this is happening? Below are my specs, thanks in advance.


Norco RPC4220 case

Earthwatts 480 PSU

asus em-e350 pro mobo with embedded e350 amd cpu

8 GB kingston value ram

8 x seagate 5900 rpm green barracuda drives sata ii

2 x wd 10k rmp raptor drives raid 0 os drive 150GB

2 x seagate 1tb lp 5400 low power drives in raid 1 for backup of important data

all drives except os drives are connected to the 4x sy-pex40008 sata 2 pcix1 4 port sata raid cards os is onboard ports


Thats the info hopefully someone sheds some light, do i need to power off immediately ? lol i dont wanna hear that.

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What's this "booK" you speak of? :D


My initial thought was the CMOS battery. Have you looked in the BIOS for any errors?

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Your description made me think of drive timeout. i'm wondering if the green drives are spinning down as part of their 'green' specification and the RAID card detects that the drives have disconnected so it tries to spin them up. It succeeds, so it says to itself, "Whew, thought I'd lost them there for second' and carries on. :)


You might check into what you can do to disable the auto-spindown feature. Also, you could watch the timing of the spindown more carefully. If it really is regular then that would lead extra credence to the auto-spindown hypothesis.

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