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Microsoft Surface. How will this change YOUR household computing?


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Definitely interested in the Pro version with the Type keyboard cover.


Worried about the price? You bet! Hopefully less that $1000, but I wouldn't bet on it.


This is a very interesting device. MS may have a real winner on their hands with this one, especially in the corporate world.

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I have not seen any mention of 3g/4g connectivity. Tethering should be possible I presume. The Pro version (with keyboard) is really closer to an ultrabook spec and according to Balmer will be priced accordingly; so it wont be cheap. MS are clearly looking to improve productivity appeal of the tablet form factor with both versions. I doubt if you had they keyboard cover that you would ever take it off to leave the house. Hardware looks impressive but battery life is unknown and I am concerned that the perimeter cooling slit would attract moisture (coffee, beer etc) all too easily.

Of course the jury is still out on W8 too. But I guess if W8 does not work great on a tablet then there is little hope for the OS on anything else!!

I am still waiting for the "must have" feature of W8 that would give me reason to upgrade and relearn Windows.

Finally, apps maketh the phone and tablet these days and MS has a lot of ground to make up in that department.

My two cents worth. That is all.

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Sign me up for the Pro. I'll take one with 3G/4G. I wonder what AT&T's data plan rates will be?

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I am Very Interested in the Pro model.

Seeing it running Lightroom 4 , was very impressive!

For me personally , WiFi will be just fine. I really don't want another Data plan.

Very excited to see more on the Media integration. Music Video ....Media Center?

I better start saving my pennies now!

Sinofsky said the Pro would be priced comparable to the best Ultrabooks.

I am hoping that means $1000.00 or Less. After all its only a 10.6 inch screen

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I've been waiting for this for the past 8 months. I think it may fulfill my desire for Origami Computing. Use it as a tablet on the move or around the house, use it as a Desktop, plugged into a full size monitor in the study.


It would be even more interesting if that Mini DisplayPort turned out to be a Thunderbolt port, but I suspect that will be next year's Surface model.

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I think it will depend on the price. If it costs too much it will be hard for me to justify adding it to the collection of other devices in my household.

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      Glad I got that off my chest
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