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Adding a RAID controller to a Microserver


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My N36L has four 3.5" drives connected to the on-board SATA controller.

I added a 1220SA Adaptec with a pair of mirrored 2.5" drives for the boot disk.

Everything works fine, but with the Adaptec in the system I can not access the RAID setup for the on-board controller.

I was planning on putting 8 drives in the N36L and running them all off a LSI RAID controller, but when the LSI is in the server it will not allow me to access the LSI setup screens.

From reading some of the posts here it sounds like there are issues with being able to access setup screens for RAID controllers.

I would like to run a 8 port controller for all 8 drives or run 4 drives off the motherboard and 4 off a add in card.

What RAID or SATA controllers are you using that don't have this conflict?


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I know that with the RocketRaid cards you can re-flash the BIOS and disable INT 13 during the process. This is only good if you don't plan to boot the system from the array. But, with INT 13 disabled, it can remove a conflict between the RR card and others in the system.

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