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Access your Windows Home Server folders from SkyDrive!


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Nice write up Dave. Had heard of this but had never tried it. Thanks for the information and I will give this a try.

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This works (on WHS 2011, not on WHS v1), but there are a few issues with it. First, Microsoft doesn't support the SkyDrive client on WHS 2011, so there is no guarantee that it will not cause problems, or continue working in future releases of the client. Second, it doesn't expose the Shared Folders of WHS 2011 directly, only the Public folders. Thirdly, it seems as though you have to be logged into the Administrator Desktop for the SkyDrive client to expose the system to fetch files in SkyDrive. So it's a bit of kludge. An unsupported kludge.

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This also seems to give access (at least in firefox browser) to any file on any of my computers with the client app installed and PC running, even network mapped drives on my PC at work??

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If your work PCs have the client then I guess it makes sense they would show up. I think the idea of the client is that it will go out through a firewall from the inside and avoid getting blocked.

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It is showing mapped network drives DragonMage. I have the Drobo FS mapped on my 2011 box and it displays and downloads files just fine through this feature. Supported or not, it seems to be working rather well. I will keep using it and thanks for the write up Dave.

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I can confirm that networked drives map fine. I think I'll put it on my HTPC which never goes to sleep so I always have access.

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      By urik1488993270
      On the Surface RT, you can't sync files from SkyDrive to Windows RT (unless they're OneNote notebooks, which can sync and be available offline, meaning that this is perfectly possible on RT — even in Windows Store apps). The only way to take files with you is to open them in Office; any changes you made get synced back when you reconnect, making a mockery of the idea that Windows RT can't sync to SkyDrive. It's just that Microsoft hasn't enabled it.
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      I haven't found anything on the internet to enable me to put two SkyDrive Accts on WHS2011 so I thought I'd ask here for ideas...............
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