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HDD Spin down monitoring & SMART question


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Hi all,


I've just build my own WHS 2011 system which I'm quite happy with.


One question that keeps bugging me: I'd like to know when the system is actually spinning down the hard disk drives. Is there any way to get an indicator for that? I tried to use SMART tools (including HS SMART 2012, which is great by the way), but I can't see which value would indicate that.


Anyway, I also wonder if accessing a hdd using the SMART monitor would actually keep it running all the time, which would be very counter productive. So do you have any experience with that? Can I monitor the hdds and they will still spin down when not in use?


A plugin which would just show all the disks current state would be perfect... :)

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Assuming you are not in any type of RAID configuration, your spin down will be set by your power saving settings. Personally, I do not like smart monitors as so far they have not provided much value as least for me. I have heard many talk about Stabilbit scanner so you might give that a try.



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