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Dual booting Win 8 RP with a VHD or partition on a Raid 0 array?


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I am trying to dual boot Win 8 RP on my current Win 7 box.


My Win 7 OS currently sets on a 4 drive Raid 0 Stripe attached to a Rocket Raid 640 card. (4 64 gb Crucial M4s)


I have found tutorials for both doing this by partitioning the OS drive and by also creating a VHD.


I tried both. So far neither have worked.


I run into problems during the install when I have to load the drivers for the RR640 card. Even tho the drivers clearly load , the Windows installer does not see the Raid 0 stripe attached to the card.


I have tried this both with a VHD created on the Win 7 OS array and also by creating a separate partition on the Win 7 OS array.


Is this something that can just technically not be done??? Am I going about this the wrong way?? Not possible with a Raid card?


Any help would be Greatly appreciated!


p.s I do not want to run Win 8 RP virtualized.

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One alternative way is to just put a separate drive, do a clean install and change the boot order via the BIOS. Just make sure that your raid card is unplugged during the Win 8 install. Crude but it wont hose your existing setup.

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