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Installing WHS 2011 on 60GB SSD


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If none if the content for remote access resides on the C drive, can indexing of C be disabled? For example, all of my data resides on my RAID6 array (F) instead.


Er, I think, by default, WHS2011 only indexes the Shared Folders. Here's what I see, nothing sitting on the C: drive is included:




Even if it were to be included by default, clicking the Modify button would allow you to remove unwanted folders and drives from the indexing service...

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I recently installed WHS 2011 on my N54L using a 64GB Crucial M4. I used a Scandisk 1Gb USB Stick. In addition to having the CFG.ini file on the root of the USB Stick. Getting the installer to work was a pain.


I needed to change the way Bios boots the USB Stick

Bios – Advanded Settings – USB Configuration – USB Mass Storage Mass Storage Device Configuration - Emulation Type- Force FDD


This allowed the installer to work properly

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Welcome to the forums RacerX.


Thanks for posting that. I don't think it's ever been posted on these forums before. Good info.


I like how it's "Force FDD" not "Force HDD" :)

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