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Installing WHS 2011 on 60GB SSD


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Hi PCDOC I'm not using any cloudbased solutions, I do an offsite back-up once a month, so there is a risk of lost data in a disaster, ie theft, fire etc.


I do like WHS2011 and how its a lot easier to do back-ups that can easily be removed from the server.


I have noticed that I can't read these drives if I attach them to a Win7 machine, however once I make them available to the WHS again it can read all the files.


Haven't had to do a WHS2011 Server OS restore yet(bare metal) but have done a bare metal on my client PC's worked perfectly.


Lights out works a treat as well.

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Thought I'd post a picture of my WHS build and summary of the parts. One of the benefits of the Raid controller is how small the sata cables are.

I have 6 active drives (spare isn't connected) and there is a 120GB SSD in the top bay which is almost invisible.

The SSD (op system), 3TB drive back-up drive and a hot swappable drive housing for off-site back-up are connected to the mobo, the shares and PC back-ups are connected to the Raid controller in 2 separate mirrows.

The Fractal case is a beautiful case to use as a build, really impressed with the quality, I wanted a quiet case, it achieves that with the sound proofing, I also bought a silent PSU (its whiper quiet) and an aftermarket Arctic CPU cooler which is also very quiet.

I have installed Lights out, so power savings and regular back-ups are managed by it, works seemlessly all the time.

Really like WHS2011 expect I will run this for many years to come,



http://members.iinet... 2011 Build.jpg


Here is a summary of parts and configuration.



Nice Setup! Thanks for sharing!!

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I was curious as to the consensus on optimizing a Windows Server OS for use with an SSD (as boot drive)?  Most guides I've seen (all) are geared towards a Win7/8 desktop workstation.  But, for example, should Windows search indexing be enabled or disabled on WS2012E?  I wasn't sure whether indexing has anything to do with Windows tracking file changes on the OS drive to know what needs to be backed up by the server backup, etc.


So far, I've only disabled the pagefile on my system with 16 GB RAM.  Thanks!

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I agree with ikon, kill the indexing, page file can set to a fixed size (optional) and set to a mechanical drive.  Optionally you can also move temp files though I would not necessarily do this on a server.  As both my servers run on SSD's all I did is fix the page file to 2 gig, and kill the indexing.



For reference:


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Well, under certain circumstances, you may want to have the Windows Search Service operational.


If you have client PCs running Windows 8, and are using Microsoft's Modern UI Apps (e.g. Music, Video, Photos) to access media stored on WHS 2011, then these require the Windows Search Service to be running. See http://support.xbox.com/en-US/music-and-video/music/how-to-add-music

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If none if the content for remote access resides on the C drive, can indexing of C be disabled? For example, all of my data resides on my RAID6 array (F) instead.

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