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WHS Console will not launch from RDC or Connector


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  1. Is the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Service Running?
  2. Do you have the Lights Out Add-In Installed...I remember you saying Grid Junction...can you remove it?

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No Never had it Lights out, and all other add-ins are removed (only 2).


I didn't even know how its possible to be out of space but ill check into that. This is a small server that takes care of 5 clients in our office here. Never had a problem so I really never need to check the console.


Yes Windows Firewall service is running.


The only 2 services that are set to Auto and are not running is the Console Quickview Monitor service (it fails to run) And the HPMediaSmartService (that will start and run but doesn't help the issue.


Maybe I should just back up my shared folders and follow John's instruction on how to get into recovery mode? Sorry I have to keep cutting these posts short because of all the customers today =)


I forgot how to even play with V1 I have been on 2011 for so long.

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