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Movie Streaming Setup (best config?)


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Hi guys! I know they talk about it a lot on the show and I realize there are some other forums that hit on it. But I wanted to ask what you felt the best possible configuration was to get solid movie streaming.

What I currently use....

I have

495 server 4tb (twonky media, windows sharing thingy and the Playstation streaming software)
Tivo HD (has a N wireless usb attached)
Playstation 3
Hp Pavillion laptop which I just installed win 7
Dlink router DIR-655 (believe its a N router)
Mymovies recently installed too.

I was doing pretty well on my old ex475 streaming my movies. Since the 495, I feel like everything is really choppy. I had encountered that previously with the 475 but it was only on certain types of file formats. The 495 is pretty consistently 'buffering' every 10 secs which makes it really annoying! I do all my streaming thru the PS3 wireless btw. I really can't run any wires...although I know that's ideal.

Anyone else having this issues? Anyone have a better solution? Maybe I'm missing some codecs....

I'm interested seeing what other people have and what works well! I hate having the girlfriend over to watch a movie and it gets all choppy!

Stay safe everyone,

Joe from DC.

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Try plugging a wire in at least temporarily and see if that helps. Also, maybe run net stumbler and see if there are any other wireless networks around interfering. You might need to change channels.

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Thanks for your help. Is there a specific format that is a No No to stream? avis mp4's etc. I hear them talking on the podcast about transcoding to certain formats for best play....

Which media is everyone using? I have ps3 media server, twonky, and something else on there...can't figure out which one is best.

As you see, I use my server mostly for media serving....and the backups. Had everything going well on the 470 and got greedy and went with the 495 and resetting everything up!

Thanks again!

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If you were streaming with the 470 you should be able to do the same with the 495. The Twonky has been updated in the 495 but other than that the hardware is better.

Were there any other network changes? Cables, switches, etc? I agree with AJ(USACOMP2k3) on the interference issue.

I can stream MPEG2 and MP4 from my WHS to my PS3 without any hiccups. I mainly stream M2TS files from my Canon HD camcorder. M2TS is simply a container for MPEG2 which is about a 15,000 bit per second stream. It's too much for the Xbox360 but the PS3 handles it nicely. I don't think I would trust it to wireless though. Maybe Wireless N. Have you seen the DAP-1522 from dlink? Works well with the DIR-655.

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Thanks Homeserver..... No network changes....I just keep thinking I forgot to install some codec or something along those lines. I got net stumbler but haven't got it working right yet, keep getting access denied from it.

So you're recommendation is to use the DAP 1522 as a wireless access point. Inferring from that that you believe the PS3 can't handle the wireless load? I guess if I was to use it, it would help the tivo and the ps3 get better/faster --more dedicated--wireless feed.

Maybe I'll give that a shot.

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For playing on the PS3, what I'd do is put the video on a USB stick and see what plays best off of that. You could then do a side-by-side comparison to see if the network is causing issues or not.
Codecs are really an all-or-nothing thing generally. The video will either play or it won't. I don't know that I've heard of a case where it would play choppy becaues of a codec. That said, if Twonky or another server is doing transcoding, that could affect quality.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of transcoding unless it's going from a full video to a mobile device (like transcoding to the Zune). Then again, I tend to be an HD snob to some degree.

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I stream movies from my EX470 to an xbox 360. I have an all wired set up but some of it is Ethernet over Powerline. I rip my DVD's using DVDfab and then I re-encode the main movie file using Handbrake for playback on the xbox 360. This process works well for me. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to re-encode movies Handbrake has a default setting for the PS3 that should work for you.

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So you're saying to see if there is any buffering issues off the usb drive.... I'll try it as soon as my machine reboots from the install of sp3!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Just wanted to update you guys. Found my solution and finally enjoying my streaming without stuttering.

HpMS 495
PS3 Media Server running on the 495
Dlink dir655 router
Playstation 3
dap-1522 as a wireless bridge--ps3 and tivohd wired to it

Took a long time and a lot of tech help to get the 1522 working...had to assign my computer an ip address to get it working...but once I did.....I took the movie that was giving me the must shuttering...and it worked with minimal (tolerable) shuttering--maybe 4 times in 1.5 hours?

I honestly don't know much about twonky...but ps media server is really good and provides great help on their website and lots of refining for those that know what they are dealing with--not me. No codecs to install--plays the bluray format perfectly...everything you really need. Even plays iso formats. The only thing I want from them is to get a windows media center plugin so I can use my favorite MYMovies 3 addin with my ps3.

Thanks for everyone's help! This should keep me happy as I start to build my HTPC....that's gonna be fun!


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if you attached both the ps3 and the tivo to your bridge then they both have the same ip address. majot packet collisions happening there.

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