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I fired up my EX495 a few days ago for the first time in 3 months. (What a waste, I figured. I should be using this box. It cost me enough.) Long story made short, I finally reached the breaking point with the streaming video performance of this box. Not feeling like fiddling with it any more, I installed WHS 2011.


There was one slightly odd thing about the installation process. Though I thought it was done, I could not connect via RDP or by clicking the icon in the Windows Explorer 'Network'. After some looking around, I clicked the server icon in Windows Explorer 'Other Devices'. What I got, instead of the webpage with the Connector software download, was a similar looking page where I could download a file called: ICCertInstaller([FE80-0000-0000-0000-D00F-0E4C-90FF-DFAE]).exe


When I ran ICCertInstaller.exe, it took me through the time zone setup, then the username/password setup. Once I finished that, server setup was complete. There might have been a reboot afterwards. Anyhow, I once more clicked on the icon and this time was able to download and run the Connector software. From there, it's been pretty straightforward.


The most positive thing I've noticed is this: there is no streaming video stuttering. But it gets better. While I watched a couple movies this afternoon, I was concurrently copying over the entire Movies folder from my other WHS 2011 machine. Point is, I'm streaming trouble-free from the same HDD that is in the process of writing roughtly 1 TB of files. That's great! Right?


Oh, and I also installed the LED management software that someone named lpn ported from 32-bit to 64. It's working perfectly, so far. Steady solid blue health and drive lights.


I need to thank John 'Diehard' Zajdler for posts and pointers regarding the entire procedure.


Also, Sean Daniel's write-up: http://sbs.seandanie...erver-2011.html


And Alex Kuretz's post: http://www.mediasmar...iasmart-server/


A big thanks to lpn over at We Got Served for the MSS LED controller for WHS 2011: http://forum.wegotse...r-for-whs-2011/


Now the question remains: should I run with this or try a Small Business Server SKU? Any thoughts on this? I'm wondering if some SBS SKU would be more lightweight.


*Mass Storage Device driver download link provided by MissingRemote.com ...64-bit drivers for the SiliconImage 3531 Port Multiplier Chipset available here.


Here's the direct link: http://www.siliconim...5.20.1_logo.zip

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very interesting info. Thanks for posting it.


re: SBS: I believe diehard also said at some point that SBS doesn't include streaming or the other media features.

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I'm not using the DNLA stuff, or any other WHS 2011 streaming features. Just pointing to the network share, the .vob folders, and my WDTV works with that.

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Now the question remains: should I run with this or try a Small Business Server SKU? Any thoughts on this? I'm wondering if some SBS SKU would be more lightweight.


I believe SBSe may be what you're thinking of. Unless you've already loaded your 495 up -- you are in a great position to check that out -- you could remove the OS disk with 2011 on it and set it aside and use another disk for the OS to test one or more of the SBS's -- maybe set up a test of actions to do on each build so you have a common benchmark to compare them to --


I'm sure many of us (including me) would be interested in what you discover. If in the end you discover that none are significanly better than 2011 you could just re-insert that disk into drive bay 0.


The speed/quality of your HD is going to have an impact on your test results so you'll want to use the same type of drives for the OS's that you test -- but you already know that I'm sure -- I was just putting that out there for anyone else reading.


Good luck.

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John, I think you're right about SBSe. I believe John Z. mentioned it to me. I'll definitely give that a look. (I wonder if I can install it like WHS 2011 + the ini.cfg file on a USB stick.) Meanwhile, I'm wondering if anyone already has experience comparing WHS 2011 to SBSe.


What I have available to me through my TechNet sub is Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (x64). Is there another SBS Essentials SKU I don't know about?

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SBSe is WHS on steroids and creates a Domain Structure for you. Very nice OS as is SBS Standard which includes Sahre Point and Exchange. If you are not being Port 25 blocked, I'd go for SBS Standard.

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Domain structure? Oh boy. Something else I don't know a thing about. *technology is so darn humbling.. :D Alright, I'll dl both SKUs (and keys) in the next day or so, and check it out some time in the future..


I should be more clear. I'm looking for the leanest MS system I can put on my HP MSS EX495. The goal is to get streaming performance squared away. And so far, I have to say that WHS 2011 is better in that department that HP's MSS version of WHS v1. I'm sure some of that is the 'demigrator' issue, which I'm glad to be leaving behind.


So do you guy think that SBSe or standard would be leaner than WHS 2011? If not straight out of the box, could it be configured (w/o too much hassle) to run leaner than WHS 2011? Thanks guys.

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SBS 2011 requires a minimum 8GB of RAM so I think the only choice is SBSe 2011 that requires a minimum 2GB RAM (unless you want to try the SBS 2008 or 2003 -- i wouldn't but that's just me)


I think one of your earlier links that you referenced also had info on how to load SBSe 2011 with a Flash drive like you did WHS 2011.


I think Dieharder would be able to tell you for sure on how much leaner SBSe is over WHS 2011 -- I believe he is or has been running it on one of his MicroServers.

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