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Graph not showing any usage


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WHS Drobo status shows all information the same as the Drobo dashboard.


Both say 1.18TB avalible and both say 65% avalible.


The graph that depicts usage on WHS Drobo Status shows 0 KB used while the graph on the Drobo dashboard depicts the correct usage.


I apoligize for not providing screen shots. It appears i'm to ignorant too figure out how to upload them.


I have a 4bay USB 2.0 Drobo unit.

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OK, instead of using the Drobo as a backup destination for the WHS 2011 server backup, I am using it as a backup destination for the local KeepVault back up and the graph is showing correctly.


I'm not sure, what the diffence between the WHS backup and the KeepVault back up, that would cause this is.

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