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Any BDBB experts out there?


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I've loaded up VirtualBox on my WHS 2011 server and have a WHS v1 running in it. I was thinking about loading up my last BDBB backup so I could have access to the computers that were backed up. I did those backups on a EX495 and have since sold that box although I still have a couple of EX470's laying around. I could easily do this on one of those but wanted to try the virtual route first.


I have v1 running and BDBB installed. There are no user accounts or computer accounts since it's a new install. Inside BDBB the restore button is greyed out since it cannot find a backup. I'm not real sure what to do from here.


I presume I have a BDBB backup in a directory but now I'm not sure. It looks like this:



-------- Dat files

-----reg directory


I could be loading it up wrong with a virtual directory in VirtualBox. I pointed VB to the BDBB directory to load as a virtual directory when the WHS v1 server boots up.


It's a mess.

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yes, that's the structure for a BDBB backup.


Be safe and make a copy of the folder. Then with BDBB there will be an option to create a backup in a shared folder. Put a copy of that BDBB backup into the shared folder and see if it appears that you can restore it to the server. The Server Backup service should give a red Health Alert and the folder should restore to the server.

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I'll try to boot that up tonight. I just figured out that I need to add some storage to the v1 VM because the darned BDBB is bigger than what I initially allotted to the VM!


So your saying run BDBB and do a backup of the server as it is now, and then put my old BDBB folder structure in this shared folder? Then I can restore that?


I'll give it a shot. Need to add the RAM to the box too. Right now in the middle of a Win8 install.

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BDBD looks for backups in any attached non-storage pool hard drive, so you could mount a virtual drive that contains the BDBB directory and you should be able to restore that. Alternatively you can copy the BDBB directory to D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4} on the server.

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